Ethnic Opinions has been working as a multi-disciplinary research organisation alongside ethnic minorities for several years. We recruit, moderate and manage qualitative and quantitative research projects including focus groups and surveys.

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A wealth of experience brings us extensive specialist know-how, expertise and savvy when it comes to engaging with a diverse and ever-increasing population. We noticed early on that there is a disconnect between companies and ethnic minorities because they simply don’t have the means to connect, understand and target. Ethnic Opinions was built to be the bridge between businesses and the ethnic demographic, enabling them to enter markets and earn additional revenue.

It’s important that we have a dedicated team to keep their fingers, eyes and ears on the pulse of what ethnic Britain looks like, feels like and thinks like. Our researchers are located across the UK in order to get a fair spread of information and they are all multi-lingual, trained and qualified. We are continuously educating ourselves on the finer details and fibres of ethnic communities in the UK so that we can pass this onto you when we work together and apply it to your project.



Ethnic Opinions

Ethnic Opinions is a specialist fieldwork and recruitment agency for Ethnic Minority market research, connecting businesses with their customers. From focus groups to surveys, Ethnic Opinions can recruit, moderate and manage qualitative and quantitative research projects on your behalf. We take care to thoroughly understand your business and what you want to achieve from the project before getting started.

It is super important that we do what we call ‘getting the room right’. This means making sure we have the right people involved in the focus group or survey to guarantee you meaningful results. When we analyse the results together, you can be assured that the course of action to take is therefore reliable, sensible and statistically driven.

Having the right room will give you the confidence that you are about to make the right move. Our expertise and experience are centred on helping organisations get a firm grasp and understanding of how different cultural attributes shape the attitudes and behaviours of their ethnic minority consumers.

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“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

– Malcolm Forbes

What Are You Missing Out On?

Marketers must research ethnic consumers in order to capitalise on the increase in their spending power. The growth of ethnic communities and their levels of income is not going to come to an end, it will only expand. This means, if you are not properly targeting or taking time to understand these groups, you are leaving a lot of revenue and market share on the table for more savvy competitors to snap up.
Whether your products or services are specifically created for an ethnic group or not, it is unintelligent and ineffective to try to target the general population. Statistics show that clever, research-backed marketing can make the difference between a struggling business and a smart, innovative and successful one.

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Our Sectors

We can take care of projects from any industry or sector, our experience so far has been, but not limited to, the following:

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“Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

– Steve Jobs

What Can We Do For You?

Ethnic Opinions is your collaborative partner in developing your products, services and communication strategies to reap the rewards of and target the lucrative ethnic markets of multi-cultural Britain.
We trust that you have every confidence in yourselves to grow your business without our help. Ethnic Opinions is here to speed up that growth, increase the chances of success and tap into pots of profit which you never even knew were available to you. The ethnic market is largely unexplored and as pioneers, we are on hand to support you and seamlessly guide you through it.

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